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The Board has no direct employees but appoints a Chairman, a Clerk and a Superintendent. The minimum number of Board members is 4, with no maximum. Salmon fishery owners or representatives (mandates) of those owners make up the core membership of the Board.

Co-opted members include representatives of salmon anglers and angling clubs/organisations within the district, and other parties who may have an interest or stake in salmon stocks or fisheries.

Board Members :

Elected 25th Feb 2022

Chairman : 

  • Dickon Green - Uig Lodge Estate

Clerk to the Board :

  • Jason Laing - Grimersta Estate

Superintendent to the Board :

  • Donnie Whiteford - Garynahine Estate

Upper Proprietors : 

  • Richard Kershaw - Soval Estate

  • Innes Morrison - Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate

  • Simon Hunt - Uig and Hamanaway Estate

  • Donald MacDonald - Rodel and Obbe Fishery

  • Chris Macrae - Eishken Estate

  • Kenny Maclennan - Carloway Estate Trust

  • Rebecca Kimber-Danger - Scaliscro Estate

Lower Proprietors :

  • Dickon Green - Uig Lodge Estate

  • Innes Morrison - Morsgail Estate

  • Victor Beamish - Grimersta Estate Ltd 

  • Richard Seaman - Barvas Estate

Co-optees :

  • Stornoway Angling Association (SAA) - Iain Trayner

  • Gress Angling Association (GAA) - Iain Roxburgh

  • Soval Angling Club (SAC) - Ivar MacAry

Represented Organisations :

  • Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) - Stuart Baird

  • Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) - Mark MacDonald

  • Hebrides Fisheries Trust (OHFT) - Paul Hopper, Senior Biologist​

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